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Hotan fortress: Face_To_Face Tax: 20%Jangan fortress: GalaxyTeam Tax: 0%Constantinople fortress: GalaxyTeam Tax: 0%
Sw33tBlonde: okey guys come smr :0 all raped zerking on me :0 and cannot :)
Sw33tBlonde: and team died 2 times from me and bombo and heavens only that prove iam better than u ;))
DAN_GER_: 55555555555555 Yl3n kosom el Server
Sw33tBlonde: and nw are 3 times ;)
Sw33tBlonde: 4 times :)
WizardQuen: WTB Arena @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
DAN_GER_: WTB Copper Coin // WTS Silver coin pm me fasttt
haslp5_kosmk: wts 50 golpel
NoMercy: WTB copper coin fasttttttttt
NeDvD_: wts crystal weapon each 8b
Leonaids: WTB +11 Armor Parts (M) (Chest-Foot-Shoulder) // WTB 5 HB Protector // WTS 50 Silk
__ada__: WTS PET ROC PM ME
_oka_: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop 3-1 komaok Sw33tBlonde _Heavens_ noooop kosmaok
Sw33tBlonde: kosomen omk yabnl l mlz2a
NeDvD_: wts crystla weapon each 8b
SHEEKH: WTB HB elixirs protecot / WTS garment egy female parts
Sw33tBlonde: oka dionot pm me in private nub :) and kosomk :)
Bombo: run guild gays xD
Sw33tBlonde: Teamhero 1vs1??
Sw33tBlonde: Team 1vs1??
_TeamHerO_: hahahaha u need pvp now 1vs1 ? hahahahah
_TeamHerO_: how mush gold u have poor ? ;)
Sw33tBlonde: loooooooooool :D yes i nw need 1vs1 bcz all my pt logged off after killing u 10 tiems :)
_TeamHerO_: hahahahha 1=10b or 20b ?
Sw33tBlonde: okey Teamo ;) i had fun killing u ;) lets go to sleep ;) Gn8
_TeamHerO_: omg now u afraid ? hahahahahha
Pr0metheuS: hero come 1-1
Sw33tBlonde: Afraid what?
_TeamHerO_: 1died=10b yes or what??
Sw33tBlonde: okey 2 mins :)
_TeamHerO_: omg now 2min ?
Sw33tBlonde: Finishing murder :)
Sw33tBlonde: baaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeem
Pr0metheuS: caner kanka lan pm at
Pr0metheuS: omh hero offlne
_TeamSOUL_: wait idiot ;) I restard :D
Pr0metheuS: ok ok fast n00b need see your die :)
_TeamSOUL_: u se mme ?
Sw33tBlonde: Team Come smr east
_TeamSOUL_: ok wait me 1min I restard..!
Sw33tBlonde: Fast i wanna Sleep :0
NoMercy: GZZZ SHEEKH nice
Sw33tBlonde: Sooooooo??
X_Leo_X: Gzzzzzzzzzzz SHEEKH <3
DrStaffonar: Wa7sh Ebn Wes5a -_-
NeDvD_: wts crystal weapon each 8b
NeDvD_: wts crystal weapon each 8b
SHEEKH: WTS 8/8 talismans or WTT for immo
NeDvD_: wts crystal weapon

Server notice
Title Kind Players!09-13 00:49
1.186 patch:
- Removed Jangan, Bandit and Constantinople fortress. Only Hotan fortress is available now.
- Removed avatars from FORNAX letter event, replaced with 100% hit/doging scrolls!
- Fixed Magic Lucky Powder bug, you can now buy with CTRL+Click! (36m gold + 3 coins / each)

DONATE EVENT STARTS TODAY if you buy silk with PayPal (only PayPal!) you will get DOUBLE (2x) silk!
Start: 2014.09.13 (Saturday)
End: 2014.09.16 (Tuesday)

Next patch is coming soon! (4-6 weeks)

Best regards,
GalaxySRO Team
Title Small Patch for fun !06-27 23:32
Hey guys

-Increased Job Rate + 1.5x
-Changed Letter event rewards ! ( you can gone new pet and avatars )

-Donate Event ! If you buy silk with Paypal...
You get 2x bonus silk point from GalaxyTeam.
Donate Event end time : Aug 29. 2014 (3 days)

by: GalaxyTeam
Title Silk Days !06-18 03:26
Hey All ! :)

-Free Silks for Online Time: (2silk / 2hour)

-Donate Event ! If you buy silk with Paypal...
You get 2x bonus silk point from GalaxyTeam.
Donate Event end time : Jun 21. 2014 (3 days)
Title Update Time!06-08 17:55
[Game Update Information]
Skills New Levels with D13-D14 Effects
Heaven Glare added Lv6-7
Integrity Added lv7-8
Soul of Manufact added Lv2

Mesh root Added lv6-7
Mana Drought Added Lv 6-7
Lihtning impact Added Lv6-7

- Added Random Skill Point Scroll
- VIP Effect bug (can t use with other skills) fixed
(Holy word , god s word, fire protection,dark hawk,force cure - high fixed )(report if another skills bug)
- D13 Items price changed 8.500.000 to 3.500.000
- Added VIP Package 2

- Fixed Avatar Crash bugs
- Added Janissary Avatar (New Turkey Avatar )
- Added assasins Creed avatar
- Added ~5-6 avatars BUT only female or male available !

- Added Mangyang unique auto spawn (around Jangan)

Galaxy Team
-Server Stabile again !

-New Firewall i done. No more Attack no more down & no more cry :)

New Event Enabled !
-You can get silk from job kills. Job War ! ( 1char / 1kill / 1silk)
( Anti cheat enabled, you can t farm )

--Donate Event ! If you buy silk with Paypal...
You get 2x bonus silk point from GalaxyTeam.
Donate Event end time : Jun 4. 2014 (3 days)

Title Firewall05-29 14:46
Dear Players.

The new firewall protection is done.

Please Download newest client version 1.183 !
Just the Client 1.183 !!
If you have ipinput prog you can change the URL to . It will work !

Title New Events Soon ! Read...05-25 21:02
Hello dear players.

We will add Letter Avatar Event Soon !
Do not forget ! You get 3silk every in 2 hour from online time system :)

GoodLuck All.
Have a good days !

Your Team: GalaxyTeam
Title Silk Days !05-12 20:19
Dear Players,

-Free Silks for Online Time: (3silk / 2hour)

Title Small Patch II.04-21 13:59
-Anti immortal stone scam ( D14 immortal icon is RED !! )
-Small client designe
-Abuse filter edited
-Trace action disabled ( temporarily !! )
-D14 weapon info text deleted for low screen resolution

-Donate Event again! If you buy silk with Paypal...
You get 2x bonus silk point from GalaxyTeam.
Donate Event end time : Apr. 24. 2014 (3 days)

Title Small Patch04-10 22:34
- Letter event ( Collect F-O-R-N-A-X and pick up in Event So-Ok )
- Letter event reward changed !
- Roc, Kidemonas attack pet added. ( 1,5x hp & dmg )
- +NEW: 2 Silks / 2 Hour is Active !

- +NEW If you buy silk with Paypal...
You get 2x bonus silk point from GalaxyTeam.
Donate Event end time : Apr. 15. 2014 (3 days)

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